Church in the Snow and Counting the Cost.

My oldest son was reading an article the other day in the National Geographic about a city in Siberia which has exploded in growth over the past few decades due to its growing oil production.   Because Debi and I lived in the former Soviet Union for two years after college, I’m always drawn to things happening in that part of the world.  This article was particularly interesting as it seems that nothing ever really happens in Siberia, especially growth.  But because of the natural resources and great leadership, this town which used to be not much more than wooden shacks 40 years ago has grown into a modern city of some 300,000 people.  But the one thing that really ran through my head was, “Wow, someone needs to move there to plant a church.”  If I were in another stage of my life, I would probably; (definitely) have looked into that possibility.  But then it happened; the flesh fought back.  (more…)