The Comfort and Challenge of Christmas!

Well, I suppose starting December with a blog post on Christmas is not a bad idea. After all, even non-believers tend to get excited about Santa Claus, children and presents at this time of year. (Eggnog and Fruit Cake are still up for debate, though) But using an...

The Essential Place of Thanksgiving!

Thanksgiving? The President pardons a turkey. The Dallas Cowboys and Detroit Lions are always two NFL teams with a game. Celebrities recite the people and events for which they are thankful. But are these famous people truly thankful, or just listing what they are...

The Faith of Just Holding Fast!

When we hear of great men and women of faith, we often think of those who have left a safe and secure life here in America to risk it all on some foreign mission field in a third world country. We can rightly call that what it is - faith! However, Sometimes, the most...


My name is Steve Hinton and I can personally attest to the powerful grace of Jesus Christ and the profound Kingdom of God as seen in both the present reality and future fulfillment. The mission of this site is really quite simple. That is to expand the love of Christ and the Kingdom of God the world over. I want you to know that no matter who you are, what you’ve done, or what you might be facing; there is hope for you in knowing Jesus Christ and walking with Him today.

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“The Kingdom of God is at hand.”
Jesus Christ.

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