Faith in the Dark. (Three Lessons from the Life of Abraham.)

It’s almost impossible to talk seriously about religion without the name of Abraham coming into the discussion. Three of the world’s largest religions, Islam, Judaism, and Christianity, trace their faith back to Abraham, the patriarch. Why is this ancient father such...

Heaven on My Mind!

Do you ever think about the subject?  Heaven, that is.  I’m not just talking about the times when we wind up sitting in solemnity at the funeral of a loved one.  If this whole God thing is true, then I wonder if the high hope of Heaven is something to be paid...

Missing Max and Carrying the Baton.

I spent some unexpected time on the road this week, getting home just a few hours ago. The emotional journey began Sunday afternoon when I jumped on Facebook to repost the link from my sermon earlier that morning. Then I saw the news. One of my college friends had...


My name is Steve Hinton and I can personally attest to the powerful grace of Jesus Christ and the profound Kingdom of God as seen in both the present reality and future fulfillment. The mission of this site is really quite simple. That is to expand the love of Christ and the Kingdom of God the world over. I want you to know that no matter who you are, what you’ve done, or what you might be facing; there is hope for you in knowing Jesus Christ and walking with Him today.

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Jesus Christ.

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