I’m not a country western fan.  In fact, I like to tell people that God created music and then Satan made an attempt at it which resulted in country-western.  Really, there are so many different genres of music that I enjoy from classical to Christian hard rock. Head banger music is what our church admin assistant calls it.  I’ve picked up a love for Irish, Scottish, and English folks music of late and sometimes old traditional Russian music will find its way to my Pandora stations.  A seasoning amount of classic rock is threaded through my week as well.  But I just can’t make the switch to country-western. Ok, maybe some John Denver once in a while.  But that’s probably a bit more folk than western.  No, country music and I just don’t do business with each other.

My wife however grew up on the country twang.  Many of those songs bring fond memories to her and set her at ease.  I don’t naturally like country, but she does.  Thus the question of what do we listen to over the car radio.