When Faith turns to Fatigue.

Sometimes I just get tired.  If anything, the word journey better describes the walk with Christ more than a happy walk in the park.  It gets hard at times.  It gets fatiguing at times.  A marathon, or maybe a triathlon, is more descriptive of what authentic Christianity is like, rather than a Caribbean cruise.  Yes, I get tired sometimes.  It is tiring to continue to pray for years and not see the results my heart longs for.  It is just downright oppressive at times trying to calmly and lovingly speak toward Biblical righteousness in a culture that wholly embraces abortion, homosexual lifestyles, and philosophical relativity.  It gets disheartening to see more and more people who wear the name of Christ in Western Europe and America drop Biblical morality like a bad losing streak in favor of liberal cultural and political correctness.  (more…)

Memorial Day Lessons from Shughart and Gordon

Today is Memorial Day in the US and while Christ followers have to keep central the reality that they are part of a bigger kingdom, the Bible still teaches us to give honor where honor is due.  Memorial Day is such an occasion for that. On one hand, I’m not a fan of taking a Sunday morning church gathering and turning it into an American Patriotic service.  Yet, on the other hand I do believe we can still give honor and recognition to those who have given the greatest sacrifice.  In addition to that, as Kingdom citizens I believe we can learn some things from fallen vets and I think this clip from the Movie Black Hawk Down is illustrative of that.  Some of you may remember the actual events from 1993 in Somalia.  But in short, SFC Randall Shughart and MSG Gary Gordon willingly and purposefully gave their lives to save Black Hawk pilot Michael Durant.  Lesson?  As Kingdom citizens, we are to put Christ and others first.  If you’ve wondered why authentic Christianity can sometimes seem lacking in the west, I believe it’s because we have forgotten something that Shughart and Gordon understood to the very core of their being.  They knew that it was not about them, but others.  So this Memorial Day, remember those who have fallen to save others.  Remember the Christian Martyrs who gave their lives for Christ over the past 2000 years.  Above all, remember our call as Citizens of the Kingdom of God to “deny ourselves and take up our Cross daily and follow Him.”  What can you learn and implement from the example of Shughart and Gordon?