Only a Book or Something More? Live this week at 8p Central.

The Bible?  Our live webcast this Sunday is going to be GREAT.  I’ve been looking forward to this episode from the start as it will address the very real and practical question of the authenticity of the Bible.  Can we trust the Bible?  Isn’t it just another book written by men a long time ago?  Does it have relevance for today?  What are the facts and the fallacies?  What are the myths and the evidences?  These and many other questions will be asked and addressed this Sunday night at 8p central and we’d love to have you stop by.  If you have a Google + account you can participate in Q&A with other viewers on the Google + Sunday Night Discussions page.  So grab a friend and come and see!

“Sunday Night Discussions” Is Going Live!

It’s official! This Sunday at 8p central in the US, “Sunday Night Discussions” will be launching here on Kingdomology.  So what’s SND?  Well I’m really glad you asked.  In short, SND will be a venue for hard questions regarding faith and exploring the deeper Kingdom of God beyond mere religion.  In this live webcast format, my friend, Robert Tippett and I will be discussing a number of questions that people have about life, faith, and what Jesus referred to as the Kingdom of God.  The purpose of the live webcast is to offer up some real answers to honest questions regarding faith and at the same time illustrate how God’s Kingdom really does intersect with us in the here and now.  Periodically we will have guest on the show and if you have a Google+ account you are definitely encouraged to send in questions while the show is live.  We’re looking forward to a fun time and I’m praying that SND will be a benefit to both those who are seeking answers as well as those who are growing in their faith.  So grab a friend and join us this Sunday for our Maiden Voyage of SND.

VBS 2013 or “Make Way for the KIDS!”

You have to admit that sometimes Jesus said some funny things. That statement about blind guides “straining out a gnat but swallowing a camel” and that it was “easier for a camel to go through the eye of a needle than for a rich man to enter the Kingdom of God” rate right up there at the top.   Jesus would often use way out illustrations to make profound points. When it comes to a humble faith I think he hit the nail on the head in Luke 13 when he exhorted the crowds that unless they “became like little children they would never enter the Kingdom of Heaven.” Become like little children? The old King James translation of the Greek is even more radical in reading that “except you be converted and become like little children.”  Considering all the times that Jesus allowed little children into his presence and rebuked those who hindered the kiddos, you get the feel that children are pretty important to the creator of the cosmos. (more…)

When Faith turns to Fatigue.

Sometimes I just get tired.  If anything, the word journey better describes the walk with Christ more than a happy walk in the park.  It gets hard at times.  It gets fatiguing at times.  A marathon, or maybe a triathlon, is more descriptive of what authentic Christianity is like, rather than a Caribbean cruise.  Yes, I get tired sometimes.  It is tiring to continue to pray for years and not see the results my heart longs for.  It is just downright oppressive at times trying to calmly and lovingly speak toward Biblical righteousness in a culture that wholly embraces abortion, homosexual lifestyles, and philosophical relativity.  It gets disheartening to see more and more people who wear the name of Christ in Western Europe and America drop Biblical morality like a bad losing streak in favor of liberal cultural and political correctness.  (more…)

Here We Go . . .

042Welcome to our first official posting on “Kingdomology”, a site dedicated to expanding the love of Christ and Kingdom of God the world over. While we’re anticipating a lot of really great discussion, the purpose of this site is to encourage as many people as possible toward experiencing what it really means to live as citizens in the Kingdom of God.

Over the next few weeks I’ll spend more time further expanding on the purpose of Kingdomology, but to begin with, I want to explain more about how this blog came about. (more…)