Show Me The Money!

Show Me The Money!

SND“All the church wants is my money!”  Have you heard that before?  Have you said or wondered that before?  So what about it?  Does the church talk too much about money?  Sure, there are some real shyster preachers with funny ties out there trying to get your cash.  But do they represent the Church as a whole?  On the other hand, there are countless people in our world who are not only in huge financial debt, but are also actually enslaved to money and possessions and are looking to God for some answers.  So it makes one wonder if maybe the Church is actually not talking about money and possessions enough.  What we know from the Bible is that God does have a plan for money and the problem may actually have nothing to do with possessions themselves, but rather somewhere deep in our hearts.  Where is the balance?  Join us tonight at 8p Central as we welcome Lawrence Turner to the show to talk about God and Money.  Lawrence is a Christ follower with a background in Banking and presently serves as Vice President and Relationship Manager with Church Developent Fund.  Send us questions now of live here or through our Goolge + SND page.


Can We Trust The Text?

Can We Trust The Text?

SNDIt’s a valid question! Can we trust the Bible? Many Christians hold their hope and build their world view around the Bible. But is it reliable? Is it really the authentic word of God? Or, on the other hand, is it something else; something of mere human origin? Is it just a good piece of literature? Has it been translated too many times to know for sure? Is it just a good book or morals? Can it really be any different from the Quran, the Book of Mormon, or the teachings of Buda? What about the Jesus spoken of in the Bible? Can we trust the Biblical accounts of Christ or was he simply a historical person no greater than Julius Caesar?

Those are all real questions that we want to humbly address this Sunday night on the “Discussions.” So join us this week at 8p Central as we welcome our special guest, Dr. Terry Bowland from Ozark Christian College. Questions can be sent in here or directly through viewing the show on the “Sunday Night Discussions” Goolge + page.

Sex and the Soul of a Man this week on SND.

Sex and the Soul of a Man this week on SND.

SNDThat’s right! Sunday Night Discussions is coming back.  SND is a live webcast for tough questions and honest discussion about God, life, and the world we share. This Sunday at 8p Central we’re kicking off another season with our special guest, Michael Cusick. Michael is a counselor, ministry leader, author, and founder of Restoring The Soul Ministries in Denver, CO.

For the Discussions this week, Michael will be talking with us about the issues of a man’s soul and the connection to the estimated 68 million searches for pornography every day. While the questions may be many, the answers are found at a much deeper level than mere willpower.  The lines between this problem, God, and our soul is more profound than you might think.  In Michael’s book, Surfing For God, he quotes the 20th century theologian, G.K. Chesterton who observed that “Every man who knocks on the door of a brothel is knocking for God.”

So start making plans now to catch the show and feel free to participate.  The program will be aired through Google +.  If you are viewing through that medium on the SND page you can send in questions during the show. We will also embed the link here Sunday Night so that you can also submit questions or observations in the comment section.  In addition, we will also be giving away a copy of Michael’s book to someone in the viewing audience at the conclusion of the show.

So grab a friend and come hang out with us Sunday at 8p central as the Discussions begin.

PS  For all the “Walking Dead” fans out there looking forward to that season kick off; just set the tech up to record the show as you won’t want to miss our live discussion.

See you soon.

Remembering Adam and the Strength We Lost.	          (Part I. in a series on Manhood)

Remembering Adam and the Strength We Lost. (Part I. in a series on Manhood)

Where did the weakness come from?  Many sociologists will point to a turbulence in time which we know as the 1960s in America.  With free sex came fractured families which lead to countless boys growing up without a dad to lead the way.  While such statistical data is something to consider, the real root resides much further back in history.  The real problem goes all the way back to our first father, Adam, and his forgetting who he was.

What we find in the ancient order of things before sin entered the picture is that Adam was strong.  God created Adam to actually rule over creation, to tend the garden and creatively name the animals and even his own wife, Eve.  Imagine; all of God’s creation was set down in front of Adam to govern.  In short, Adam was created strong.  The problem arose when for whatever reason, Adam lost sight of his heart and gave up his strength as Eve slipped into the grasp of the evil one.  Adam did nothing.  Eve and humanity suffered.  Adam forgot who he was.  The result was more than his personal anti-mission, but total brokenness within himself, with his wife, and ultimately with God.

But thank God the historical narrative didn’t end there.  This past Christmas we were reminded that God stepped into history and made a way for things to be different.  Jesus Christ came to bring life and restore our hearts.  Jesus Christ came to restore our strength.  Yes, we deal with brokenness and the brave man acknowledges that.  But yet, when we come to Christ and walk daily with him we can see that God is truly in the restoration business.  While we will never experience perfection this side of eternity, we can get a glimpse of what God had in store for us in the life of Adam as he was meant to be.  God made Adam strong so that he might bring strength to the world.  God made you strong so that you might strengthen others.

So as we get ready to enter the second month of 2015 what can you do to strengthen those around you?  Could you be more present for your wife and children?  Could you be more supportive of your local church family and its leadership?  Could you reengage with some other guys in your life as a band of brothers?

Whatever it might be, the fact is that our strength starved world is waiting for you to push toward the chaos and make a positive change.  Yes, they’re waiting for you.


Concluding in the words of Paul; “Be on your guard; stand firm in the faith; be men of courage, be strong. Do everything in love.”  1 Corinthians 16:13-14.

10 Reasons why Fundamentalism Might Not Be a Bad Idea.

10 Reasons why Fundamentalism Might Not Be a Bad Idea.

I have a confession to make. I’m sorry. But for a long time I have tried to shy away from the term “Fundamentalist.” Tried? Well actually I’ve purposefully said before that I am in no uncertain terms; “not a Fundamentalist.” Now I’m not so sure. The issue with the term is that the only time we see it in print or conversation these days is when it is used to compare a Christian to the Westboro Baptist Church cult or an Islamic group that wants to take over the world. You see my dilemma?

The problem is that the term today is thrown onto anyone who opposes gay marriage or really any social pillar that the politically correct left holds sacred. In essence the media has beaten the dead horse of the Westboro comparison to such an extent that the true ideals of fundamentalist thought are now unrecognizable.