10 Reasons why Fundamentalism Might Not Be a Bad Idea.

10 Reasons why Fundamentalism Might Not Be a Bad Idea.

I have a confession to make. I’m sorry. But for a long time I have tried to shy away from the term “Fundamentalist.” Tried? Well actually I’ve purposefully said before that I am in no uncertain terms; “not a Fundamentalist.” Now I’m not so sure. The issue with the term is that the only time we see it in print or conversation these days is when it is used to compare a Christian to the Westboro Baptist Church cult or an Islamic group that wants to take over the world. You see my dilemma?

The problem is that the term today is thrown onto anyone who opposes gay marriage or really any social pillar that the politically correct left holds sacred. In essence the media has beaten the dead horse of the Westboro comparison to such an extent that the true ideals of fundamentalist thought are now unrecognizable.


Divinity in Democracy.

Divinity in Democracy.

Have you voted yet?  I did my service, my privilege, a couple of weeks ago in early voting.  My ballot was cast according to my world view of Christ as King and how that plays out in the here and now in my present culture of America.  In recent decades there has been a growing debate about God and government, Christ and culture.  Some atheist and humanist have suggested that the Constitution forbids followers of Christ from bringing their faith into the ballot box or halls of legislation.  On the other hand, some Christians have rightly embraced the eternal Kingdom of God; but to the extent of ignoring the role afforded to them in helping define culture in a free political system.  The truth is that both extremes are out of balance.  (more…)

A Holy Occupation. Part I.

“Very early in the morning, while it was still dark, Jesus got up, left the house and went off to a solitary place, where he prayed.”  That’s the verse that came to mind yesterday morning around 9:15 or so when I felt like things were starting to go south.  It wasn’t that things were going bad but rather just a sense that the day was beginning to turn into more of a “Steve” day than a “God” day.    I was already on my way to “accomplishing things” but sensed little power and direction from above.  I had just turned out some sermon prep and was ready to tic a number of other things off the check list.  In the eyes of man I was on target to having a very successful day of busyness.  But maybe that’s where the problem was.  It’s so easy to allow the rush of the land and agenda of our corporate lifestyle to crowd God out.  The day actually started off on the wrong foot when I checked email on my phone not even five minutes after waking up and it wasn’t going much better by mid-morning.  So there I was, wrestling with the example of Jesus in Mark 1:35 and feeling like I had just gone back to the school house of prayer.  I was reminded once again that unless the first breaths of the day are guarded militantly the world will take the rest of the day away.  (more…)

Only a Book or Something More? Live this week at 8p Central.

The Bible?  Our live webcast this Sunday is going to be GREAT.  I’ve been looking forward to this episode from the start as it will address the very real and practical question of the authenticity of the Bible.  Can we trust the Bible?  Isn’t it just another book written by men a long time ago?  Does it have relevance for today?  What are the facts and the fallacies?  What are the myths and the evidences?  These and many other questions will be asked and addressed this Sunday night at 8p central and we’d love to have you stop by.  If you have a Google + account you can participate in Q&A with other viewers on the Google + Sunday Night Discussions page.  So grab a friend and come and see!

More Big Questions tonight on SND. 8p Central.

It’s all most that time again.  Join us tonight for Sunday Night Discussions as we will be looking at “The Nature of Man.”  In this discussion we will be considering such questions as Who are we?  Where did we come from?  Where are we going?  What of our brokenness and whether or not there’s any hope?


You can also participate in the discussion by sending in questions if you have a Google + account.  Just look for the Sunday Night Discussion page and event and log in.  It’s been fun watching this webcast evolve and I can’t wait to have you with us tonight.  So grab a friend and come and see.  Look forward to seeing you live at 8p central.


SND Tonight at 8p central. “Where in the World are you?”

In this week’s show we will look at world views and consider how they influence our beliefs, thinking, and actions. We will ask how we arrive at our understanding of the world and what ramifications accompany those paradigms.  If you have a Google + account you can also log into our SND page and send in questions.  So grab a friend and come and see.  Look forward to seeing you live at 8p central tonight.